Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some days will be bad. 

Others, less so. 

As, long as there is a tomorrow...

There's hope. 


  1. For me, when I get into a certain place in my head everything is the borderline all or nothing and I can't find my hope. Although, I getting better at it.

  2. Not to pick on you, but I noticed that you used the word "bad" to describe a day. ;-)

  3. ::smiles:: everything is either good, or bad, isn't it? =D

  4. This is such an important truth. It is worth writing down and keeping it with us at all times, to remember at times when we are down.
    As long as we are alive there is hope. Tomorrow often brings amazing changes we never expected.

  5. I read this when i was 16.

    I want to go home.
    I want to go home.
    drowning slowly in my bottle, hiding my fears away
    cowering from even the shadow of reality for me
    this is the only way
    empty promises have no meaning.
    they're just given away.

    I don't have many friends, but i've been on your blog and have to subtitle my lyrics. I have to go away now, because he's watching me.
    drowning slowly to the last drop

    1. This sounds like something I used to write about a lot when I was that age. I had no hope then. I believed it would always be bad. It took a long while but I'm starting to prove myself wrong. ::hugs:: I hope you're ok.


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