Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Regularly Scheduled Program...

And we're back!

I'm back from my vacation and let me tell you, it was, time off.  It was both a complete escape from reality and not what I needed at the same time. I shopped, danced (though not as much as I'd expected), drank, acquired a stalker and accomplished nothing artistically. I actually came home a little early and just hid from the world, which was what I needed. Perhaps more on that later. Getting back to the real world has been one of the hardest things. I've almost completely avoided the internet and submerged myself in books and escapism. Now, however, it's time to get back to my schedule and put a bit more structure back in my life.

I just wanted to say hi, and I'm back, and I'll have another post up later this morning/afternoon.

::waves:: Hope everyone's week has treated them well!


  1. I am happy to see that you have returned the grind. It, unfortunately, is always here.

  2. OMG!!!YAY!!!WOOHOO!! so so so happy you're back..I start my day by reading your posts and you have become such a MAJOR part of my day that not having you there was so "unsettling".. but I am so glad you that got your escape..I think we all need that from time to time...but I am also happy for me that you're back..

    You were DEARLY missed!!!

  3. Ditto ib and Maasiyat...then add a woot woot and a yay!!

  4. Welcome back! Look forward to hearing more.

  5. Thanks everyone. ESPECIALLY YOU MAASIYAT!!! ::smiles::


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