Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Post: Poetry cries out

A Reader sent me a poem she had written about BPD on one of her worst days. She has graciously allowed me the privilege of sharing it with you. I know I can relate quite well to the sentiment she expresses. I’m sure you can as well.

Trapped in the dark

Somebody's gotta see.

Screaming for help

Can anyone hear me?

I'm lost on this path

Terrified of my thoughts;

Their sound is deafening,

They never stop.

People say get over it,

I'm just being lazy,

No one knows what I feel,

What it's like to be crazy.

They call me weak

But they can't see,

Don't know what it's like,

My mind, my worst enemy.

The ones who know the truth

Keep wishing it away,

They don't know what to do,

Somehow I'll be okay.

That's not how it works

It just gets worse.

Living each day with this thing:

This sickness, this curse.

Smiling through the pain,

An actor's never been prouder.


When cries for help go unanswered




  1. Beautiful. Truthful. Touching. Tons of adjectives. It's real. It's me. Thank you and thanks to the author.

  2. Thankfully, I am having less and less of those days.


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