Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Sorry, Were You Looking for Me?

I don’t know how many of you have your own blogs, but one of the fun features associated with Blogger is the Keywords search function. You can see a list of terms that people have used that have brought them to your site (though not who those people are, don’t worry, you’re wacky searches are safe from me).  Every now and again I check these because I’m interested in what people are looking for. There’s often the usual search words like:
Beyond the Borderline Personality
Borderline Personality Disorder blog Haven
Downwardspiralintothevortex blogspot
Borderline Personality Disorder movies
Borderline Personality Hope
 Stuff like that is pretty common. But then I get some real gems and I wonder how the heck people got to me with searches like this. That they did ultimately find my site brings up whole other questions I should probably be asking myself.
 - Are cigarettes bad for derealization (not that I know of but they’re pretty bad for your lungs.)
- Damsel in distress personality disorder (This is my new proposal for the DSM renaming of BPD)
- My super ex-girlfriend disorder
- People with bpd and sociopathy get along well
- Why is the borderline not in love with me?
- Ancient Greeks thought that excessive emotionality in women was caused by a displeased uterus and sexual discontent
- gave myself black eye borderline (hahahahha I guess I’m never going to live that down)
- Honesty is a funny thing. Especially when your truths change
- How to enjoy sex with borderline personality disorder [ sit back and try to hold on ;) ]
- The most beautiful thing is to see a person you love smiling. And even more beautiful is knowing you are the reason behind it.
- Adults with security blankets personality disorders
- are you more attractive than you appear in the mirror when you suffer from bdd
- Borderline personality disorder I’m too dependent on my boyfriend for happiness
- Borderline personality disorder perfectionist slacker
- Borderlines are notorious for being great sexual partners due to hypersexual impulsivity
- how to turn the tables on narcissistic ex-boyfriend that’s stalking me? (Advice: Being Borderline doesn’t help)
- can a bpd become sociopathic
- can anxiety make me feel like the ceiling is coming down (yes)
- Chameleon personality disorder is a myth
- Celebrity obsession borderline personality disorder  ( I find obsessing over celebrities a little distasteful so I’ve never addressed this before. This could change if I get bored enough though. )
- darth talon cute/ Darth talon fucking (Awesome)
- Euthanasia and borderline personality (Holy shit seriously?)
- I’m ambivalent
- I’m bipolar why do I fantasize about men (I don’t think these are mutually exclusive)
- Is it unhealthy to love my cat (Oh man I hope not. Funny story. Or. How I Obsess about my cat: It’s finally getting cold here this winter so we have a nice space heater for our apartment. My cat likes to wedge himself right up onto the grill. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because every 15 minutes I had to get up to check to make sure he wasn’t cooking himself (even though I didn’t have the temperature very high specifically because of this). I finally had to text my roommate asking her to check on him when she leaves her room to make sure he hadn’t set himself on fire. There wasn’t actually any risk of this, but I’m terrified of my cat getting hurt).
- “your grounded go to your room" voice
- Why is sex so good with a bpd
- seeing slightly varying image of self upon each instance of observing a mirror or reflective surface, why

 And a couple of my favorite:

-       a woman is visiting the physician today with her husband for her follow up on her pd. he state that has been acting strange lately and wanted to ask the doctor if there is anything to be done to help her .she has been hallucinating and that is scaring him .he state she has struck him a few times because she did not know who he was .and when she is not acting strange. she is bit depressed. he is state that is very quiet when her children visit ,not like she used to be .her gait symptoms seem to be worsening and she need to learn on him frequently .sometimes she just freezes when she is trying to start to start walking

-       How is the behavior of an obsessive-compulsive individual similar to that of a dog in a learned helplessness experiment?

-       How does accessing pressure points on the inner thighs of a man with borderline personality disorder help him?  (Heh. It makes the blood rush to his groin followed by anticipation of sex. I’ve found this helps most men =P )

-       blogs from bpd themselves and what makes them want to change

-       we paced along the lonely plain, as one who returns to his lost road, and until he reaches it, seems to go in vain

So how about you? What lead you here?

** I know my posts have been very mellow this week. That Empathy series really took a lot out of me, but don’t worry, I’ll be getting back into more serious topics real soon! I also have a TON of questions from Readers that I want to start addressing. Maybe I’ll make that a weekend series or something since I often don’t have official posts on the weekend.


  1. OMG I just LMAO a lot and loudly!!!!!

    1. Heehee, I love giving some laughs.

  2. what lead me here is: gogling "bpd modes"


  3. You know its funny what searches have led to my site. One of the best was this one

    "BPD's not really that bad bullshit". Who knows how they got to my site what that line but someone did. What led me to your blog was reading another blog and seeing the link. I followed it and it led me here.

    I'm glad because you write exactly how I and many BPD sufferers feel only you are able to articulate it much better than I do on my site. Instead of dialogue I rant, rave, freak out and my blog doesn't have a consistent message other than this is my journey and I'm a borderline mess.

    Reading your blog you make sense out of what we think and feel, at least from my perspective. I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy my blog and that it provides value and validation for you and so many others. I think my ability to step outside of myself and detach helps me be objective in a way that a lot of people can't. I'm just glad what I go through helps someone else. It doesn't make it better, but it makes it more worth it on some level.

  4. I saw you post on another blog i was following, and i liked your avatar and name.

    I was pleasantly surprised!

  5. well, i was here since the inception!! I consider myself one of your first followers and I'm happy to brag about it. LOL! But seriously, Sociopathworld was where i met you. Thank god for sociopaths eh. :)

    1. Oh those wacky sociopaths. Haha, yeah I think you and Notable have been with me the longest. Heehee, I'm so glad you've stuck around.

  6. oh and i remember when i had my blog, (sadly deceased courtesy of bpd random destruction) and i was boggled by who read my blog. People from across the world, Indonesia, Poland, Malta, Pakistan...I was like, how the hell do these people find me!! hehe.

    1. I miss your blog you should start one up again. I check my analytics sometimes and my blog has been in something like 154 countries! Thank goodness for Google Translation I guess haha.

  7. I was lead here by another blog about borderline personality disorder. Immediately I was enthralled. Your writing, quite frankly, was something I could sympathize with.

    1. ::smiles:: Well I'm glad you found me.

  8. When looking up a dissertation on Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral.


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