Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello Dear Readers,

Today I don’t have it in me to write. As prepared as you can be for some things in life, it never seems like you can be prepared enough. Heartbreak never gets easier.

Fortunately, I would like to introduce you to a very dear friend that does have it in her to write. Who, in fact, has written an incredibly moving novella that she would like to share with you. The novella is Letters from a Bipolar Mother by Alyssa Reyans. Her story is compelling and extremely relevant to those of us that have struggled with mental illness. Your story may not be the same, but the emotion she describes might be familiar.

The first novella in the series, Letters of a Bipolar Mother, deals with mental illness and depression. I explore in depth what I experienced during my psychotic break and share the aftermath which led to my being separated from my children.

I know how difficult it can be to live inside an all-consuming darkness. I wanted to give a voice to those who have not only survived depression, mental illness, and abuse, but also let them know they are not alone. The only way the stigma of mental illness can be removed is by people coming forward and talking about it. I hope by sharing my experiences I am able to help others.

Today and tomorrow she is promoting her book and would like to offer this tale to you FREE of charge, downloadable from Amazon.  < ----- Just click on that link. I encourage you to support her.



  1. Thank you for your support Haven, it means so very much to me!

    1. Absolutely! You're in my thoughts. Anything I can do to help I'm happy to do.

  2. Sounds like maybe you heard back from Friend... *hugs

    1. Yeah I did. I'm sure I'll be writing about it soon enough. ::sigh::

    2. Sorry. Sounds hard. Im going through some shit now. Take your time processing, dont worry about telling us about it until you are ready.

  3. Thank you for your story Alyssa!
    Warm thoughts to you Haven.

  4. Had it delivered to my Kindle. Look forward to reading it this weekend!


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