Friday, February 24, 2012

Stuff you never knew you didn't want to know!

Hello Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that this is not my Lucid Analysis –Trials in Therapy post. I skipped therapy yesterday. I was too run down and frankly I didn’t feel like complaining about work stress for an hour.

So instead, my dear bloggy friend ib over at the Habitual Hobbit has tagged me to answer a couple questions for him. Which I did! Get excited folks, I’m about to spill some completely irrelevant stuff about myself. I’ll probably do a real post later as well. Because frankly, there are bugs in my design software and it’s making me very frustrated. Ugh. Here we go!

1. Out of the different races of life in Lord Of The Rings, which do you prefer and why? (Answer carefully.)
a. Orc
b. Halfling
c. Elven
d. Human
e. Dwarven
I choose C. Because really, what female in their right mind wants to be a brainless grunting meat sack, a hairy footed shorty, or a battle happy bearded lady (Yes, even female dwarves have beards. Srsly, you can look it up). I’m already human, at least that’s the story I’m sticking to currently, so I’d like to try something different. I kind of want to be a Night Elf though, or something out of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Not these prim and prissy little glowy things with pointy ears. I wouldn’t mind having pointy ears though. Plus they usually have magic, a lot of ancient wisdom, and dexterity +15. Not much of a loss there. I may have overthought this. 

2. If today will be yesterday, and tomorrow will be today, What will tomorrow be when it is yesterday?
 Still, yesterday. In the past. A day to hope I didn’t fuck up to bad, but even if I did, something to recognize I can’t change, take my lessons learned, and continue on into the future. 

3. Do you consider yourself a writer or a person that places rather large words together to form a sentence, and thus, a story/post/epic?

I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose I do consider myself a writer. I try not to use words that are too large, though occasionally I fail rather spectacularly at this. I mean, I write. I engage in the acting of putting pen to paper, or type font to screen. My sentences usually make sense. Usually (< --- fragment). Yeah, I’m a writer.

4. If you happened upon a war and you had to take part in it, what would be your weapon of choice?
a. rifle
b. sword
c. slingshot
d. bow and arrow
e. dematializer
None of the above. My brain. And my terrifying mood swings. Do not make me angry. I’ll make The Hulk look like a toddler having a temper tantrum. Or maybe a light saber =)

5. If you were stuck on an island with no means of escape, and were given one wish, what would it be for?

Well if I’m to assume that wishing for my escape is off the list, and that wishing for more wishes is off the list, then I’d wish for someone to keep me company. A real live human being, of intelligence, humor, and comparable sex drive. Hey, it’s my wish, back off.
6. If you participated in the TV game show Fear Factor, where would you draw the line in regard to consuming odd "meals?"

I’m strict vegetarian for almost 19 years now. I’m not eating meat. I’m not eating bugs. Especially not live ones < ---- Oh yes, I’ve seen the show. $50,000 isn’t enough money to make me enjoy the thought of vomiting on television, which is what I’d do.
7. What is your favorite album of all time?

Ugh. I fail and picking favorites. There are too many different genres and styles of music. I like different things for different reasons. I’m into Metallica’s early work (up to the Black Album),Flogging Molly, Apocalyptica, The Dresden Dolls, Birthday Massacre, In Flames, Rasputina,  Collide, um, a bunch of other stuff, hmmmm, oh  the new SleighBells album is pretty kick ass. In conclusion, I think I have properly failed at answering this question in any relevant way.
8. What is your favorite movie of all time?

Yep, I still fail at picking favorites. Damn it. Let’s just start picking things shall we: STAR WARS Episodes IV-VI, Gremlins, The Princess Bride, the new Batman Series, Boondock Saints, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Labyrinth, NOT Donnie Darko (I f-ing hate that movie. Creepy as fuck. Yes, I believe this is relevant enough to note), Harry Potter (all of them), Black Swan, um…. Bloody hell. I srsly have a DVD  collection of over 800 movies and I can think of like a dozen movies? Where is my brain today? This’ll have to do.

9. Are you taking part in the 2012 A to Z Challenge this year? It may be the last one, depending on your answer for question 11.

I have no idea where to even find this challenge. Maybe I’ll do it on my other blog if you can point me in the right direction. Or left direction.

10. If, by chance, you were endowed with one super power, what would it be and why?
This might be a lame answer but I’d like to fly.

11. Do you believe that the Mayans are on to something concerning 12.21.12?

I think the Mayans probably ran out of room on their limited stone calendar and people today enjoy going bat shit about pretty much anything. Humans need drama. Even if it’s drama from thousands of years ago.

In conclusion…. I don’t follow directions very well. Like how I’m supposed to now think up 11 new questions and tag other people. I have unreasonable guilt about being able to pick some people over other people and imposing on another’s blog, so how about this: If you want to do 11 questions. These 11 questsion. Go ahead and do it. Then let me know so I can read them =)


  1. 1: Dwarf. Little people are awesome.

    2: Tomorrow.

    3: I craft pieces to a whole and reassemble, rearrange, or destroy them as needed.

    4: List too vague. I wouldn't want to lug a claymore around, and I wouldn't want to go to war with a .22 either.

    5: Language allows you craft elaborate, multi-dimensional wishes. I'd definitely put some thought in to the wording of my wish to get most out of it.

    6: I'd eat anything they gave me.

    7: I don't do single favorites. Haven mentioned one of my favorite bands, but I won't say which.

    8: nope

    9: what

    10: The ability to control the world around me with my mind. It lets me float/fly, and it lets me do so much more. Not the most powerful ability, but it'd be fun.

    11: Do you believe the 70s were on to something with the year 2000?

  2. Acceptable answers all around, except for number one. See sith, I purposly asked that question to see where, exactly, your heart lies. And know this, words are hurtful. "Hairy footed shorty." Ouch baby, very ouch. :)

    1. ::Laughs:: ib it's ok for a guy to be hairy but I'm a lady and that just won't do. I'm also only 5'3" so I've got the shorty represent right here =)

  3. came across this and thought you might find it interesting.

    1. Thanks Res! I'll check it out for sure. Maybe do a write up on it.

  4. Wow, we have a lot in common movie-wise. But I have to say that Donnie Darko IS creepily awesome! I hope this means we can still be quasi-friends. :P

    Here are my answers:


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