Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughts from the Borderline: Change

…I still feel like dying sometimes when I’m overwhelmed but I have to maintain hope. As long as you’re alive there’s a chance for change. As long as things can change, these feelings can change, and there’s a chance to be happy. Or at least a lot happier. Some days I think I’m naive. All days I remember that this is the only life and chance I get so it’s my responsibility to make it worthwhile. Even if I don’t always like the idea of it.

~Haven~  ... my Readers inspire my thoughts. Love.


  1. Just remember that without the dark times, we wouldn't be able to truly appreciate happiness. Here's wishing you happiness for the future.


  2. well,that is true
    but it's also true that LIFE SUCKS *SS
    a lot of the time
    and not in the kinky porn kind of way
    hang in there :)

  3. ::smiles:: I'm actually having a pretty good day today =) It was just a thought I've had that I wanted to share.


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