Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back from the Edge

Good Morning World! I’m going to do something today that I don’t usually do. I’m posting a video for you. It’s called “Back from the Edge”. It’s a lovely introduction and discussion about Borderline Personality and treating it. It’s relayed from the perspective of 3 people who have suffered with it, as well as from the foremost knowledgeable clinicians in the field including Marsha Linehan, John G. Gunderson, Dr. Wayne Fenton and more. It is a 48 minute video, but it packs a lot of useful information into those 48 minutes from a well informed and non-judgmental perspective; something I am quite grateful for. You know me, I wouldn’t post something that was in any way negative or stigmatizing. Hell, I even sent this to my mother. This is informative and hopeful, which is what I’m all about here @Beyond the Borderline Personality. So here it is:

“Back from the Edge”

As I was watching this a few things stuck out for me. I related to just about every single thing, but a few things were extra addressable for me personally.

Dr. Linehan calls it the I-Don’t-Fit-in-Disorder. The ultimate outsiders. Often times people with BPD try to conform to what they think other people want from them.

“{People with BPD} are a group of people that need other people to regulate them. Other people breathe life into them. If other people or on the verge of leaving them it can feel like a life or death situation. Like I don’t exist myself {without someone else}.”

One man talks about how he was trying to get dressed for work one morning and something small made him angry, like not being able to get his jacket off, and he just started ripping and tear at the closet. I can absolutely relate to how something so seemingly small can spark such an intense reaction. Most notably when I was in highschool I would become so frustrated if I couldn’t get my hair to lay perfectly I would become panicked and enraged. I would scream in frustration and even punch holes in the bathroom walls. As a result I got very good at spackeling and painting =/ Physical aggression, not against anybody, just things. People with BPD just respond much more sensitively to things. There’s a huge emotionally vulnerability factor.

Another woman said of people looking at her, “It felt like people’s eyes would have a physical effect on my body.” It still feels this way for me. It’s not as extreme as it used to be, but I still feel it constantly. It’s not quite as debilitating now. I would interpret that as if they were judging me. It takes conscious effort for me to say, no, they’re just looking at me.

I love the end. At the end it says BPD is often called the Good Prognosis Disorder because people can heal, people do heal, and there is hope to live a healthy and productive life. 


  1. Thank you for this. I actually just recently watched this the day before yesterday. Much of it hit home for me as well. I had a few triggers, but it was so positive. I appreciate reading your view on it. Thank you, again. :-)

  2. I'd like to add my thanks as well. I too had recently just watched this clip on youtube, oddly enough. I've recently realized how much my BPD has affected my life. I had been diagnosed with BPD many years ago, but due to my therapist not explaining the meaning behind the term BPD, I really had no clue what having BPD meant for me. I believed I was just "on the borderline" of something, which, to me didn't sound so bad. It's taken me this long to finally realize just how different I am from others, and that those differences aren't just a quirk of personality, but symptoms of something much more serious. I think this is one of the best videos I've seen about BPD. It really explores both the complexity and the intensity of BPD. More importantly, it shows that it is treatable, which, unfortunately, is not common knowledge either in the public arena, nor the mental health profession.

  3. Haven, thank you very much for this link. It's a lot of material for thinking for me... as many things on your blog.

  4. I've already seen some of that video before. It's pretty interesting.


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