Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pesky Life Stuff

No real post today. 

Driving into work this morning I had a high speed blow out. I'm fine. Car seems to be okay. Got towed into the dealership where they promptly tried to rape my wallet. 

I have an all-wheel drive vehicle and they wanted to give me special high speed all-wheel drive tires @ $320.00 each. Each! Seriously? Who pays that much money for tires? Not this chicky. The guy was trying to pressure sell me. He also said he'd be able to get me cheaper tires but he'd have to order them and keep my car overnight... probably in an attempt to pressure me into getting the more expensive tires right away. 

Hell no. And that's exactly what I told him. Put the spare on, I'm going somewhere else. 

Seriously. Trying to pressure sell someone with anger issues is just not a good idea. I realize I look all cute and girly, but fuck you for trying to take advantage of me. You're just a customer service guy. I'm willing to bet I know more about the mechanics of my car than you do and $320/tire is bullshit. No business for you. 

So let's back up and turn this into a BPD story of inspiration shall we? Why the hell not. 

I've had a blow out before. Let me tell you, I was not a happy camper and I was not the picture of pristine calm. I had an all out panic attack and had no idea what the fuck I was going to do. Yay for roadside assistance. Which I still have. 

This time, was a whole different story. Instead of being a scene of hyperventilation and furious aggravation, it's more a calm irritation. Called my roadside assistance, got towed, nearly bitch slapped the dealership personal, came home, found reasonably priced tires and installation and am now patiently awaiting my appointment time. 

This may not seem like a big deal to some people but it's a small victory for me. I didn't panic about being late to work (though I still feel intensely guilty about having to call in and I do still have a vague anxiety about it). I didn't break down in fits of sobbing and uncertainty about how much I don't need the added expense - though obviously I'm not thrilled about it. All that practice in therapy visualizing worst case scenarios and coming up with better ways to deal with and handle them has been a big help. My meds calming down my rapid fire anxiety response is probably pretty key as well. 

As I've found out before, this could have been much worse. But it wasn't. I feel this is a step in the right direction for crisis management and me. 


  1. Good for you in being able to not let that guy get to you and leave. I don't think I would be that brave. I would have probably been really anxious and left too eventually but probably not after being bullied quite a bit. So you should be really proud of yourself for using skills you learnt in therapy. Mine sometimes go out the window when I am really anxious, not that you were, just saying.

    1. It can definitely be tough to keep those skills in mind in really stressful situations. I'm much more apt to let people I care about take advantage of what I have to offer. With strangers it's more likely that my anger or anxiety will get out of control. Therapy has definitely helped me recognize this and adjust. It's nice to see things pay off in the real world occasionally.


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