Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quotes from the Borderline

“I know that pain is the most important thing in the universes. Greater than survival, greater than love, greater even than the beauty it brings about. For without pain, there can be no pleasure. Without sadness, there can be no happiness. Without misery there can be no beauty. And without these, life is endless, hopeless, doomed and damned.
Adult. You have become adult.” 

― Harlan Ellison, Paingod and Other Delusions

Perhaps this is why we have the occasional reprieve with the most glorious highs. When you battle with the deepest lows, become accustomed to the darkness, the occasional glimpse of light is like a beacon in the night. It's the spark that fires our hearts and keeps us going. Experiencing the lowest lows, we can appreciate the highest highs. But it doesn't stay there does it? Knowing how amazing the good can feel, it makes the fall that much further the next time we spiral down. Up and down, up and down. Breaking the cycle, maybe settling for some lower highs, but also achieving some higher lows. Life is never 100% even, but my hope is that it can be better more often than not. For the first time ever, I'm starting to actually experience that. 


  1. I was going to offer a different way of thinking of this problem, but instead I'm going to offer this:

    Read it through to the end. I think you'll find it... helpful.

    1. Wow this is long. I've read about 1/3 of the way so far. I need to read it in pieces. My attention span just isn't that great right now.

  2. Hi Haven please forgive me I know that I am being really presumptuous
    and you may think that this seams a bit weird but I promise you this
    is for real. I would like to invite you to come over here to England
    as a guest speaker at one of my K.U.F training days, you have so much
    wisdom incite and knowledge of our condition. I am trying to find out
    if it will be possible or if their is some way of getting all your
    expenses paid.... your flight hotel ext.... Any way Haven I know that
    this is a big ask and I don't want you to answer right away I just
    thought that I would sound you out about it first and see how you felt
    about it. Please just give it some thought. Thanks all the best your
    friend from across the pond Paul Ashton

    1. Oh Haven,this sounds like a fantastic offer.Check it out,and be safe.Maybe this IS your calling.

      Truth is,you are an authority on BPD first hand.You are exempt from all other BPD's because of your articulation.Your laser beam insights,and your interpretation explanatory skills.

      I think you could shed light on this topic for many more that haven't visited your site.

      All I"ve read so far from other sources makes me want to run away from BL's.

      Your site is the only transparent understandable information that I have read that lets me think,I might benefit from having a BL in my life.(self serving to some degree).

      I love your detail.I think others will love respect and appreciate it too.*

    2. ::smiles:: I do think it's a fantastic offer. I've responded to Paul via e-mail where we usually correspond. If I can swing the vacation time (because I do have a full time job) I think it would a great opportunity.

    3. And we would all like to know what you decide,and how you go.

      May the force be with you,(cliche)

      to maketh the right decision for yourself,and may it serve a higher (self serving)purpose, that others benefit from.*


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