Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Holidays and such...

Happy 4th of July for all my U.S.of A. readers!

I have a piece prepared but I figured with today being a huge holiday today most of you wouldn't be cooped up inside reading blogs all day.

I had a bit too much wine last night and was in a pretty lonely state while reading comments and letters Readers had left for me. I haven't seen Tech Boy since Friday (He's on vacation with his family, which he invited me on, but with all the Roommate moving I couldn't go) and I've been missing him something bad. Between the thoughts you guys have inspired and the feelings I have, I managed to organize my feelings on why Borderlines may look elsewhere for attention or accuse their partners of not putting enough effort or dedication into the relationship when the other person may think things are going so well. I'm sure there are many complex reasons that these feelings would be inspired, but what I'm talking about tomorrow is just one particular experience that hits home for me, and maybe you too. So I'll see you then. In the mean time, have safe and happy holiday.


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