Monday, July 16, 2012

Plague Ridden

Hello Dear Readers,

I deeply apologize for being so inconsistent with my blogging lately. I am sick again. Very, very sick. Respiratory virus, sore throat, fever of 100 deg F (which may not sound like much but my normal body temp is around 97.4 deg F, not the standardly recognized 98.6 deg F), eye infection, nausea from the medication they've given me... in short I'm a hot mess. I can barely function and sitting up is a great effort. I feel absolutely terrible both physically and in my heart because I feel guilty for neglecting the topics that I wish to discuss and post on this blog. I promise that the moment I start to feel even a little better I will resume posting with my regular fervor and frequency.

::air hugs (because really no one should come within 100 ft of me)::



  1. Hugs to you, Haven. Miss you! Get well soon!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I promise a nice healthy post for you tomorrow =)

  3. Get well soon!

    —Anonymous 2


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