Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation Days

Hello Hello! I have one last day of enormous responsibility (read: my excuse for not posting today) then I’ll be travelling and on vacation for the next 10 days! As per usual for my Augusts I’ll be taking the time off from blogging as well.

Assuming the stress and anxiety doesn’t kill me. Remember when vacations were relaxing? Yeah, me neither. I’m having stress dreams about preparing for this bachelorette party/rehearsal/wedding. And bizarre anxiety about getting into a car accident on my drive there. Long drives alone are brutal.
I might pop on every now and again if I can, but if I can’t, my thoughts and hopes are with you all.. Take care of yourselves. Be kind to yourselves. I’ll be back soon...

...With lots of stories… New post series… and more practice using the skills I’ve been learning to manage my life.



  1. Survive the stress and hopefully relax and enjoy yourself. Hope you have a lovely time & best wishes to your friend for her marriage.

  2. Is this Zoe's? All the best to her, and you have a great time.

  3. you from belgium? (i'm from hasselt lets have a face to face) i'm a colpleatly harmless sociopath and heaps of fun/insight

    1. and a bad speller lol

  4. mijne euro was nog niet gevalen maar als je naam haven ben je dan van antawerpen?

  5. You're lucky you can drive (alone). I can't even do that. I'm so terrified of making a wrong turn, getting lost, having an accident, and parking that I can't even get behind the wheel anymore! Talk about loss of independence! Somehow, being in control of this big metal box, that is so much larger than me, that can run people over... sends me all funny. Maybe I just don't want to be in control and responsible... Well, whatever. Enjoy your vacation. :)


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