Monday, September 10, 2012

Beyond the Borderline Personality STORE!

Hello Dear Readers!

I’ve been on a crazy fund raising kick lately (as you may have noticed). Once I get my book more or less pulled together you’ll see a major fund drive, probably in the form of KickStarter (publishing and printing is expensive!), but that will be months and months down the line. I pretty much have my topics narrowed down and the outline hammered out! I’ll be sharing that soon.  
In the mean time…

This is slightly different. As you know I do a ton of research on BPD for my blog and for my own personal awareness. I thought it would be really cool to start a CafĂ© Press store and sell some merch to help support BPD research.  A couple items are more obvious in terms of BPD awareness. But in general I chose a painting that I had done (my own art), a phoenix, as a subtler tribute. Something that could be worn beautifully but didn’t necessarily scream Borderline Personality Disorder! I’m well aware of the stigma and for as much as I support awareness, it’s not always convenient to advertise. So I picked a beautiful symbol instead. Some things say “Hope”, most just have the phoenix. Check it out!

Proceeds will go towards Borderline Personality Disorder research, awareness, and Wiping Out the stigma!
Just like the phoenix rises from the ashes to be reborn, so can those of us fighting Borderline Personality Disorder rise above the challenges we face and be reborn into a healthier, happier life. Have hope!

Follow this link or just click on the T-Shirt icon on the side toolbar!

** If you have any art you think would be appropriate or designs you’d like to submit, let me know! I will add more merchandise and update my store with what appeals to you! Feel free to get a hold of me at .


  1. Modeling the t-shirts could conceivably increase sales. :)


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