Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tips from the Borderline: Remembering your meds

Hello and good morning. I thought I'd start an occasional series when I think of helpful tips to help us manage our mental health. What do you think? 

I woke up this morning, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and took my meds. I have an appointment with Psychiatrist in a week or two. I went back to monthly visits because I was fluxuating really badly, in some part due to the fact that I was messing up on taking my medication pretty badly. It wasn't intentional, it's just when life is so crazy and my brain is so noisy sometimes I forget to open that bottle amongst everything else. By the time I stopped to contemplate whether I'd taken my meds, I wasn't sure either way, which would make me worried that I'd be double dosing. 100mg is the highest strength of Pristiq offered (there's only two: 50 and 100), so accidentally taking 200mg when that's not even a legal dose I'm guessing would be bad. Instead of risking that I just don't do anything. I can't always remember if I've taken my meds. Like most humans I'm very much a creature of habit. So if I'm in a good pattern and all my rituals are in place it's automatic and I barely even think about it. So I could take it and then still maybe not remember because it doesn't require any thought. But when I should have run out of my medication over a month ago, but just finished my last pills that day... that means I've been skipping. A lot. Psychiatrist was not happy with me. So I was thinking of how to help me out with this. 

There are a few simple solutions I considered. 

1. Give in to your inner granny/grampy and get one of those weekly/monthly pill organizers. If your med is still in there, clearly you haven't taken it yet. 

2. Keep a small calendar in your bathroom. Hang it on the wall near where you keep your meds, and mark off the day immediately after you've taken them. 

3. Set an alarm on your phone for the same time everyday with a reminder to take your meds. 

4. When I was at University I had a boyfriend that would text me every night before bed and remind me to take my vitamins. If you have a partner you trust, that might work for you too. 

I've been doing the calendar thing. Idk I like physically checking off the day, there's just some small satisfaction in doing it. Plus it gives me a visual reminder that I've been doing well and to keep going. That's helpful to me. 

*If you have any of your own helpful tips or tricks feel free to let me know, either via comment or e-mail me at and I'll incorporate them into future posts! 


  1. Good advice. Every night I give my wife her pills. Otherwise, she won't remember, so I just feed them to her. It's like a romantic gesture, but instead of grapes, I feed her the pills that keep her body from imploding upon itself. :)

  2. I actually use a weekly pill organizer that my roommate gave me. It wasn't terrible when I only took a couple pills, but now I take a couple prescriptions and some supplements and I get horribly confused without it!

  3. I came up with a saying and say it every day as I take my pills. I always remember because of it. If I can't remember whether I said it or not I clearly didn't take them. Works for me. Although my pills are for a physical condition, and the consequence of not taking them is death so I guess I swing a little loose in the remembering to take them department.

    1. Oh, right, I had a pill container but I was too lazy to use it .


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