Friday, October 12, 2012

Amanda Todd: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self Harm

This makes me so sad. Bullying is scary. I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to say much of this went well beyond bullying right into stalking, and then right back to bullying.

This story is heartbreaking, but worth watching. I was picked on a lot in middle school for being “a bookworm”, for being curvy when “those changes” started happening… when people found out I wasn’t Christian the rumors and taunting were constantly around every corner. People weren’t dumb enough to attack me directly, but the rumors, the names, the everything because I was “different” didn’t help my steadily deepening depression, anxiety, bulimia, cutting, suicide attempts and ultimately BPD. I learned to toughen my exterior and not let anyone have more ammunition on me. No one would have believed that things bothered me the way that they did.

I won’t make any claims to have been the nicest person in the world. I was an angry emotional wreck growing up. I’m as nice as I can be now, but I still have my moments and people that grate at me. This kind of bullying though? No one deserves this.

People think it’s funny. That it means they have power over someone. So by extension it makes them better than that person. It makes them feel big. It doesn’t. It just means you’ve crushed the potential from someone because your own ego was too frail to build itself up on its own. Needing to destroy someone else, to make yourself feel better, is like dropping an atom bomb on the Louvre because your finger painting didn’t get the respect you think it deserves.

Watch it. What do you think. 

*** BTW there's no correlation between this story and BPD. It just moved me and I felt the need to post it. 


  1. Ahh I saw this today. Really sad :(

  2. The intense relationships, terror of abandonment, self-harming, destructive sexual behaviour - she needed help with her BPD, instead her parents moved her from city to city to try to run away from her problems

    1. I don't believe she actually had BPD. She was being stalked, abused, and bullied. She was in terror because she was being threatened and terrorized by a very real threat.

      Making bad decisions (the web cam, and sleeping with someone that she thought liked her) this is not BPD behavior so much as it is a typically bad choice made by someone young that doesn't know better. Now if it recurred constantly and impulsively despite knowing better, that might indicate BPD. I don't believe this girl was Borderline though.

    2. I do agree that she needed help beyond her parents moving her around though.

  3. Wow....really powerful video. The only thing I have to say about the haters who judge Amanda Todd............YOUR TIME IS GONNA COME!

    And on that note- we all make mistakes when we are young and foolish. To those who have not- let them be the first to cast stones. It is a rare person, especially a child, who never makes mistakes. I'd like to meet you.....whoever you are.

    I'd also like to add to the girls that ganged up on Amanda and beat her up. Guess what? YOUR DAY IS GONNA COME, TOO! I hope you get cheated on over and over until you realize that no male is worth the life of a child. Please know deep in your heart of hearts the day is gonna come when you look back and realize you are responsible for the death of a child- for until the sad that that Amanda took her life- she was indeed a child. There is NOTHING in the universe that is going to ease your soul on THAT ONE.....mark my words! It will haunt you until your death- that is unless you have no conscience................


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