Thursday, October 25, 2012

Medication and Drug Interactions!

Grapefruit is actually a problem pretty often
Let’s keep it light today because my moods have been swinging all over the place and I can’t handle anything more stressful than the mountain I already have. 

I made a quick post about this last night via my other social media, but it’s never a bad idea to highlight a good tool.

So if you’re like me (or not like me at all but still taking medication for mental health issues) you may in fact be taking more than one medication. Or you may be taking some medications that you think work but haven’t been specifically prescribed for you. Or you may be getting medications from different doctors…. Which can be a problem b/c not all medications interact well together.

Hopefully your Psychiatrist (or whatever) is aware of the interactions between the specific drugs they’re prescribing you. If you’re like me, however, you may be a little paranoid and like to check for yourself. Also, they can’t be aware of any you haven’t mentioned to them.

On top of that alcohol, tobacco, and even various types of foods and beverages can interact with certain medications creating unwanted side effects. Side effects that can reduce the effectiveness of your medicine or possibly increase the action of one causing an accidental overdose.

Side effects and interactions occur differently for different people based on their body chemistry, which is why medications may be prescribed together, and monitored. However, prescribing clinicians are human too and sometimes an oversight can be made.

Which leads me to the point of today’s post.

Medication Interaction Checkers! Drug Interactions Checker   

Medscape Reference Multi-Drug Interactions 

** my favorite

Even if you find an interaction that looks like a major problem, discuss it with your prescribing medical clinician before making any changes to your medication. They’ll know a lot better what is right for you than I do. Not to mention that stopping certain medications abruptly without proper weaning can be even more detrimental than taking it in the first place.

Stay informed! And discuss any and all concerns with your personal medical professional. 

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  1. What meds are available for borderlines or just therapy. From what I know there no meds suited for borderlines except for therapy and adjunct meds.


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