Monday, October 8, 2012

Not Smiling Enough

Hey, remember when I said: 

"I don’t feel much, but she says it shows on my face that I’m sad. I don’t know if I’m sad about this in particular or if I just look sad in general. I think mostly I’m reflective, and it comes across as sad??? I’m in my own head a lot whether it’s stuff having to do with my personal life, politics, what I’m going to do for dinner this weekend, my cat, nanoparticulates, whatever… I must not smile enough when I’m thinking. Constantly. ??? I don’t even know."

I remember why. Because when I do smile, or generally look like I'm not sad, serious, or having a bad day... people talk to me. All. The. Time. 


When I look to be in a slightly-right-of-neutral to pleasant mood, people approach me constantly to chat and I can't get anything done. 

I learned this a long time ago. Especially at the gym. If I'm at the gym and don't keep my eyes straight ahead with  no expression (no eye contact, no small smiles at people that happen to pass by) and generally don't look preoccupied; people do not leave me alone. 

It's like when you're reading and people automatically assume that you're "doing nothing". Just because I'm reading a book does not translate to: I'm bored, please entertain me. Just like "I'm breathing and not looking angry" doesn't mean: Flex your muscles and try to flirt with me. Grrr. 

I think I need to put more effort into an expression that says: Blank, but preoccupied. 

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  1. Or you could always wear a shirt that says I may be smiling but that doesnt mean I want to talk to you


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