Thursday, November 1, 2012


Update! My power is scheduled for servicing so with any luck I'll be up and running very soon. 

Here's the thing. Yanno the most obnoxious thing about having the entire eastern seaboard ravaged by a natural disaster? 

I mean other than the chaos, death, and destruction, of course. 

The most obnoxious thing is having the same conversation ad nauseum with every single person I run into. 

"Hey, how's it going?"
"Meh. Not great. How'd you weather the storm?"
"No Power or heat."
"Yeah, me too."

"Oh hey there, how's it going?" 
"Meh. Not great. How'd you weather the storm?"
"We have heat but no electric."
"Ugh, hope you get power soon."

"Oh hey, how's it going?"
"Meh. Shitty. How'd you weather the storm?"
"We finally got electric but no internet."
"Ugh, well could be worse."

"Hey, how's it going?" 
"Meh. Not great. How'd you weather the storm?"
"No Power or heat."
"Yeah, me too."

Oh, I'm sorry, did I already mention that one? I've had that conversation at least 20 times in the past 2 days. And I've only seen like 12 people! Power, Electric, Gas, Heat, Act of Tree, fence down, Basement Flood.... substitute one or two and that's all anyone has to say. It's getting hard to feign business polite here! It's like a competition of who has the most misfortune for the longest amount of time. 

So yeah, that's obnoxious. Though actually maybe it's not quite as obnoxious as...

...the display of ridiculous First World Problems that people feel the need to piss and moan about. 

"Every starbucks is closed and im pissed"
"You can't suffer with instant for a bit?"
"I drink raspberry chai."

"Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power to my Gamestop preventing me from acquiring my fully paid for pre-ordered Assassin's Creed....wa wa wa wa wa"

"My home internet is still out. All I have is Wi-Fi on my phone." 

"What's the point of having a 72" LCD TV if I can't even watch it!"

Batty. Absolutely batty. I have good natured friends taking pictures of themselves lounging on inflatable pool chairs sipping on a beer.... in their basement. I have friends living in shelters because their home is a safety hazard. I have friends that had their entire childhood homes swept away (Ocean Bay).... but yanno what? Not getting to play Assassin's Creed until a day later, that's the real tragedy.

I'm a self-righteously outraged prat at the moment.   

My biggest problem? Having to sit in my car with a book to charge my smart phone while listening to music. Yeah, I have it rough, but then again, I wasn't complaining. Really the only thing that's been bothering me is the constant silence. I hate the silence. Not to be confused with hating The Silence. Heehee. Sorry. I'm the type of person that always has to have some background noise. Even when I'm just reading. I like to have some kind of white noise, preferably a well loved TV series, playing in the background. No noise drives me a little battier than usual. 

Though I did learn one helpful tip today: Don't try to blow out a candle while you are brushing your teeth.

Egads, people. Egads. 


  1. I am relieved to hear that things are beginning to settle down a bit. I am still praying for you. Having no Starbucks should be considered the 8th deadly sin, or thereabouts.

    Haven, all of this time and I am just now figuring out that you are indeed, a gamer? A GAMER?? You have to be the most awesome chick on the face of the earth. (Besides the wife and daughter, but way more awesome than my sisters.) Console or PC? What games? Oh, I have to go. I have a boner. (Kidding)

    1. I'm a PC gamer all the way. I prefer fantasy RPGs. And of course things like Star Wars: The Old Republic ;)

  2. Hope your power is up… I made out pretty well, but I guess I'm a little further south than you, Haven. Smart phones make a huge difference! Wish I had had one years ago (Gloria, Hugo, Fran, Dennis, Floyd, Isabelle… and nor'easter galore). Have a great day, you.

    1. Our power is back on, and internet is also finally restored. Thank goodness.

      I've been fighting the smart phone revolution, but I do admit they come in handy for taking pictures of my cats ;)

      It looks like we're predicting a nor'easter sometime in this upcoming week. ::headdesk.

  3. Hey Haven super happy to hear you're ok. I've been thinking about you alot the last few days. I've been having a rough few months so took some time away from things to refocus. Now trying to reconnect with people. Take care of you.

    Alyssa (aka Maasiyat)

    1. Taking time off to refocus is really helpful. That's probably been one of the few good things to come out of this storm.

      Take care of you too.

      I've missed you so much. I've thought about e-mailing you so many times just to check in.


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