Thursday, August 8, 2013

Speaking of Identity: Watch This Little Girl Become What She Is Told Every Day

We've been talking about identity and this came up. This is video is very short but it comes with a TRIGGER (painful words) warning because it is painful to listen to even though the words aren't anything that most of us probably haven't heard before. It illustrates just how easily, just how impressionable, people are as children. Children take in what they are told and take in everything in their environment. People with the more sensitive temperament towards rejections and abandonments don't necessarily need something so extreme to be so harshly effected either. This is in no way meant to downplay anyone else's experience, please don't take it that way. My point is only to illustrate that when you also have a temperament that is so sensitive on top of being so impressionable, you're less likely to be able to recover in a way that is adaptable and healthy. And even things like, "don't be a baby," or "that could have been better", or "toughen up" can effect you more strongly than they might otherwise have. 

Sound familiar? Take a look and tell me what you think. 

Watch This Little Girl Become What She Is Told Every Day

The things that we say to kids are internalized by them on a daily basis. This powerful 30-second clip from Ireland makes us understand that so clearly, it hurts.


I’m a stupid little bitch.
I should shut up moaning when I’m left on me own at night.
I’m fat and ugly and useless.
I cry like a baby when I’m slapped
I’m horrible to have around.
I don’t deserve to have any friends.
I never do anything right.
I’m not just a stupid little bitch.

I’m a nobody.

This clip was made by ISPCC.


  1. The video isn't showing up on this article but I searched for it online and was able to watch it. You're right it's so incredibly sad. And yeah it makes sense that children would internalise things a lot, especially their primary care givers.
    P.S. I'm from Ireland too

  2. Hi Haven. Is there any way for people to private message or email you about borderline personality disorder? Like just to ask questions or share their thoughts about BPD in general..?

  3. I'm like the little girl. My mother told me I was fat, ugly, stupid and should have plastic surgery in the future. The is the BIGGEST reason for my low self esteem. I still feel ugly even though many more people have told me that I am pretty.

  4. AND ABOUT THE "dont be a baby thing". When I was 18, a guy in my class called me a baby for being nervous before a speech and I cried for 2 hours. Because it hurt SO bad.


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