Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tip from the Borderline: Creativity is good for the Brain

Creativity is good for the brain. I’ve known my fair share of Borderlines and I have to say, we tend to be a very intelligent and creative group of people. Despite our other issues, we are intensely passionate and we have very active minds…. That can be put to astoundingly great uses. They just need to find that focus.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I have a variety of creative pursuits. I sew, I cook/bake, I write (not just this blog), but I really love to paint. I’ve found these things to be especially useful in times of high anxiety and panic.

If you are having a moment, an hour, a day of very high anxiety… try to take some time to engage in something creative.  

I’ve found this does a few things. First it takes your mind off of the multitude of things that our minds tend to ruminate on that create our stress and anxieties. Second, once you’re engaged in your creative pursuit (for me at least) I tend to be able to focus solely on that thing. Once I’m focused on creative passion my anxiety and stress almost instantly begins to lower. It’s a completely holistic way to reduce our stress and anxiety and regain control of our lives in an adaptive, healthy way.

I’m not talking about something to be a perfectionist at either. You just have to enjoy it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my tattoo artist lately. He’s been teaching me how to paint with oils (I only paint in acrylic currently). It’s been so relaxing…. and stuff (more on this Friday).  If you can swing it, also find people that share you interests. Join community groups, take a class, but reach out. Invite in (cautiously and in a slow healthy manner), people that engage you productively and that you can share your interests with. Often I think we get so stuck in the small groups of people that we believe compose our entire worlds. Sometimes it helps to just find someone to share a different aspect of yourself with. You don’t have to share every aspect of yourself, but being able to step outside of that small world we close ourselves into, allows us to grow and expand our personal autonomy. Ultimately it helps us cope with our day to day stressors in healthier ways, even if we’re not talking about them directly.

Just some thoughts today. 


  1. This makes a lot of sense. I have not ever met any Borderlines other than myself. I've always been known as the creative one among my friends. I write, I do web design, I take and edit photos, I get creative with my baking, etc. Like you, get totally lost in whatever it is that I'm doing. I find using my creativity a great way to get myself on something that I love and get away from my anxieties. :)

  2. This is so true! I also find creativity is important for expression- because the things I am feeling are so strong that without an outlet sometimes I feel like I will explode from too much bottled up inside of me. I am a songwriter and an artist, though lately I have been avoiding my creative outlets because I am sort of afraid of uncorking the bottle- as though once I begin to let some of these feelings out they will be a neverending stream of emotions. But I know that I need to get some of this out of my head and onto paper or into words or a melody. I love Fiona Apple, because I think she is the most real songwriter I have ever listened to.. she pours everything out..


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