Saturday, November 2, 2013

Month of Giving Thanks

Hello Everyone. It’s November! For those of us in the States that means a month of Thanksgiving. Despite the actual history of indigenous genocide and free range destruction … it’s typically a time to give thanks to all of the things we are thankful for and to do nice things for one another. 

This month I thought I would try something new in that spirit. I’m hoping to encourage people to donate a little here or there, whatever they can afford, so that WE can present one large gift donation to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation doing research on Borderline Personality Disorder in partnership with Families for Borderline Personality Disorder Research.  

“We are a grassroots group, Families for BPD Research, who have children and relatives with borderline personality disorder. In the past few years, we have met and talked with many in the mental health field and have discovered that research is precisely where answers will be found to help our family members and so many others cope with and recover from this devastating disorder. We are grateful to have connected with the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and formed a research partnership to support promising young investigators in BPD research.

Funding new investigators is vital to furthering research breakthroughs in areas which include underlying biological and environmental causes of BPD, earlier and better diagnoses, treatments tailored to individuals, improved quality of life, and recovery. Especially, with senior investigators in BPD research starting to retire, supporting young investigators now will provide them with valuable opportunity for guidance from these experienced researchers. Such collaboration will offer greater expansion of research initiatives, continue to broaden our common knowledge of BPD and give us increasing focus on and vision of recovery. “

What do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in helping me contribute to? Any little amount helps! In the end ultimately it will not only help people struggling with BPD everywhere, but it will help you as well. 

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  1. When I try to login with paypal i get an error :-/. Maybe there is another link you could give us?

    Thank you!


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