Monday, February 17, 2014

A cautionary tale: Medication

I’ve been feeling so much better lately. In fact I almost feel back to my usual self. I’m so very grateful. One of my biggest problems, besides all of the emotional upheaval, my medication has been off. How does that even happen you wonder? Believe me it’s not as hard as you would think.

I’m a creature of regime. I tend to do things at the same time every day. I wake up, I brush my teeth, I take my meds. It’s what I do. Except I lately I’ve been going out of state over winter break to visit my parents and friends, I would wake up later, my meds would be packed away, OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND… eventually I would remember, but then I was already a few days off. I’ve been sleeping so much more lately I hadn’t been taking them at the same time, I’ve felt practically like a zombie when I woke up. I haven’t been putting them in my handy little meds wheel to remind me every morning. The sadness and heartache is such an emotional brain fog I’m embarrassed that it does occasionally cloud my judgment that way. Then I just recently went back out of state again to visit my Sister for my birthday (hence my lack of posting the other week, sorry!). Again, more travelling, more sleeping in and a schedule other than what is different than what I would typically be keeping to. My medication packed away and not on my sink counter right at hand next to my toothbrush where I would easily remember to take them right away.

Out of sight, out of mind. I always try to keep the important things in places that I continuously look so I don’t forget them.

I also haven’t been taking my vitamins lately. This has been shear laziness on my part. Well laziness and depression. But not taking my B-complex vitamins which help lift stress, elevate energy, and aid depression, only makes it worse. So I’ve had kind of double whammy hitting my brain chemicals as of late. No good. Really no good.

That’s my cautionary tale. When you travel, be very, very mindful to place your medications in a place where you will see them and remember to take them. Even a day or two of missing them will mess up your neuro-chemicals and that will only compound the emotional mess, if not create it entirely, where there might not have been a problem at all.

Set an alarm on your phone or watch, even on vacations to keep a proper schedule. I know vacations are supposed to be a time of relaxation, but they won’t be very relaxing if your mind gets messed up due to terrible chemical imbalances. Take care of your mental health!

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  1. Yeah I'm very forgetful and I've forgotten my medication a few times but never two days in a row. So after that I set alarms. I have noticed prozac has decreased my sex drive :/ it's not like im in a relationship so it's not that important but life's shit and I don't do drugs so you gotta get your kicks somewhere... Not anymore.

    My mom's on Effexor which is a pretty hardcore antidepressant/anxiety, so if she's several hours off schedule she gets major side effects like vertigo and stuff.

    Haha I was walking down the street one day and I was listening to my iPod with Taylor Momsen singing over and over 'somebody mixed MY MEDICINE I don't know what I'm on'.. And then I remembered "SHIT! I forgot to take MY medicine' so that songs always helps me remember of I've taken my medicine or not.. :P

    Anyway I'm real glad your feeling better; feeling depressed sucks.
    Now that you mention it I'm gonna pop a multivitamin pill now
    I haven't had vitamins in ages


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